Weigh In again!

Ginny is now 936g, Humpy is 161g and penny is 948g! She has lost 15g which is 0.5oz so nothing to worry about. Still, I, the human, got all flustered weighing and re weighing penny over and over again! She is happily munching on hay and spinach so whee think she is fine! 🙂



Humphrey looks to cute 🙂


Humpy’s weight!

After much research, we found that the ideal weight for a Syrian hamster is 100-200g. Hamsters are very different to guinea pigs, although this is mostly the same for pigs too, and weight doesn’t really matter all that much. As long as the hamster is well, not thin, not obese, and happy then what does a number matter! As long as the hamster isn’t 70g and he/she is a giant Syrian then it’s ok! Humphrey is 163g and for his size, it is very good! He adores his choc drops, so I think everything is all well!

– Natasha

Humphrey didn’t stay very still so this is the least blurry picture!




After observing the pigs I found that Penny is quite greedy. Greedy does not really describe her..

Having a good appetite is nothing bad, apart from when she steals Ginny’s food!

The pigs now have two bowls, although I don’t think Ginny is too impressed with her brown bowl in comparison to penny’s tricoloured bowl with a carrot patten on. I think a trip to the pet store is in need of!

– Natasha



uh oh

No blog post with the beginning ‘blood’ is ever good. After cleaning the piggies out we found a little patch of pink/red liquid. To me it doesn’t look like blood but obviously it would be diluted with urine. After doing lots of research it could either be UTI or just red pigments in the urine because of vit A.

gosh I hope it is the latter

The piggies are all well and happy but as whee all know, they are prey animals.

Tomorrow I shall put them to the test! Both piggies will sit on kitchen roll until they urinate to narrow down the pig and to really check out what this red liquid is!

help anyone! Wish us luck…


Bonding with Penny update.

After cuddling on the couch, with her special blanket and her cushion, she fell asleep! Whee have found out that her favourite place is to be scratched behind her ears and that she loves NCIS. Falling asleep on me is something very special; guinea pigs are prey animals meaning that they never let their guard down. Today Penny has made great steps and she is only 5 months old 🙂

– Natasha